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Which is best amongst Snapdeal Flipkart Amazon Shopclues etc

India is now one of the biggest marketplaces for eCommerce industry and that is why many eCommerce giants has started to fix their base in Indian market by spending millions of money in advertising and all promotional things. People are now confused like with whom they should go ? So here I am sharing with you some research based opinions about some big ecommerce businesses like Snapdeal,Flipkart,ShopClues,Amazon,ebay etc.

Snapdeal: Snapdeal is the best eCommerce store in India who invested few millions in advertising with many promotional offers. Snapdeal also made Aamir Khan as a brand ambassador with slogun dil ki deal. As my experience products on Snapdeal delivers very quick and also Snapdeal always makes sure that quality of products remain best. If you talk about support, Snapdeal provides just awesome support. Also return policy of Snapdeal is swifter than other as it hardly takes a day for processing. I also compared prices for the same product and found that Snapdeal offers lowest price amongst all of them.

Flipkart: One of best eCommerce store in India is Flipkart. At the starting Flipkart took efforts on digital marketing and increased brand awareness. Again they started various promotional activities. Like buy pen drive in 1 rupees , mobile at 100. After successful implementation of digital marketing strategies Flipkart then started tv ads too. Products on Flipkart are also genuine and verified with flipkart easy return policy. I experienced that Flipkart also provide products with same price as snapdeal. The only thing that Flipkart lacks is delivery time which is more than Snapdeal.

Amazon: The way Amazon has taken efforts to capture Indian market is awesome. Amazon created which is totally different than .com and targeted only for India. Some features on amazon are great like one day delivery for some products or easy return policy etc. But if you go foe user experience on amazon website then Flipkart and Snapdeal are better than Also I had some quality issues with some products which was too annoying. Amazon also provides great support.

ShopClues: This only one eCommerce store who provides products with assured lowest peice. ShopClues started marketing with TV ads as an wholesale rate provider which is true. Delivery time and product return time for ShopClues is much longer than others. Also user experience for website and app is vey poor which tends user to exit or drop out. Support provided by ShopClues is also poorer than others.

Conclusion: At the end of story, if we take all things in consideration like price of product,support,return policy,delivery time etc then in my opinion Snapdeal is winner of Indian eCommerce stores.And Flipkart and Amazon should take little effort to improve some things. And ShopClues should redesign user friendly,well optimized website. These are my opinions & you may share yours in comments,thanks for reading. Don’t forget to revisit

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