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2017 | 2018 Digital Marketing Questions & Answers For Experienced & Freshers

Hope you all are doing great as usual. From couple of months I am receiving emails from my users and readers that they want to know about trending Digital Marketing interview questions and answers of 2017 /2018 for experienced digital marketer. There are many interview questions of which I am going to cover few and important only.

So here are few questions you can use as a reference:

Question 1: How would you select an appropriate Digital Marketing platform to promote our business.
Answer: Very first I will identify type of business i.e. it is B2B or B2C ? According to me you should use LinkedIn for B2B businesses as it is network of professionals and if my business is B2C then I’ll go with Facebook. And Google AdWords for both kind of businesses by creating different campaigns.

Question 2: According to you which is cheapest paid advertising among Facebook LinkedIn and Google AdWords ?
Answer: Facebook is very cost effective as compared to LinkedIn and Google AdWords. LinkedIn costlier than Facebook and Google AdWords.

Question 3: Does directory submission still works in 2017 / 2018?
Answer: Many people says directory submission is dead but if you submit directory in proper category and highly authorized website then yes directory submission works in 2017 /2018.

Question 4: Tell me what are different changes did Google AdWords do in 2017 – 2018?
Answer: Google AdWords changed number of things and I cam list some of them
a: Extended text ads
b: Change in AD delivery rotation
c: Change in user interface
d: Change change in daily budget utilization

Question 5: Tell me new ad formats including Facebook ad, LinkedIn ad and Google AdWords ad.
a: Facebook introduced lead generation ads, messenger ads, carousel ad etc
b: LinkedIn has introduced there lead generation ads.
C: AdWords introduced extended text ads.

Question 6: What is difference between Facebook lead generation and Facebook conversion ad.
Answer: In lead generation ads we try to collect leads by creating forms on Facebook itself. and we can check that leads in form library of Facebook.
And conversion ads are ads in which we try to collect leads through our landing pages installing Facebook pixel on our thank you pages.

Question 7: How would you use Google Analytics to improve your marketing strategy ?
Answer: I can check website visitor’s behaviour and many things like source medium etc. suppose I am getting visitors from organic so I can identify that I am lacking in My SEO efforts. another example is suppose my bounce rate is high then I can make my website user-friendly and more informative.

So they were only few questions about digital marketing interview. Hope you liked it and enjoyed it. You can also share your things in below comment box or contact me to become author. Bye for now and thanks for stopping by here.

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