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What exactly Blog, Website or App Monetization is? What are ways of doing it?

If you are newbies and looking for answers of many questions like
1: What is Blog/Website monetization?
2: What is mobile application monetization?
3: What are best way to of monetizing blog or mobile app ?
4: What does it costs?
then yes this is the right blog where you’ve landed. In this blog I am gonna discuss briefly about most of all points in online monetization.

What exactly blog website or app monetization is?
So the online process in which you earn money from your blogs, websites or mobile application by showing ads on them or by any other methods like affiliate marketing,eBooks,donation etc is known as blog/website/app monetization.

Now what are best ways of monetizing blogging website or mobile application?
There are about hundred methods with which you can earn online from you app or blog but I am gonna tell you most effective methods from them.
1:Google Adsense: One of the best resources for online monetization is Google Adsense. As per my experience Google provides $3 to $5 for my blogs and apps. I’ll also write about “how to get Google Adsense approval for new blog”, in my upcoming blog.

2: Facebook Audience Network: Many people are not aware of the thing that Facebook also allow publishers to show it’s advertisements on mobile web and app. Now Facebook is second most largest Ad Network in the world. Earning from Facebook Audience Network is also good for me,especially when I get traffic from USA or European countries. Many times it pays $6 to $7 per impression.

3: Affiliate Marketing:
It is the most significant method of online earning from your website or application when you have good numbers of visitors or active users. Many top bloggers like Harsh Agrawal declared that they have earned about $80000 by doing affiliate marketing. There are hundreds of affiliate marketing programs like Amazon Affiliate Program, Ebay or Bluehost with wich you can start online monetization.

What does it costs?
Well in that case I have multiple answers. If you want to start self hosted blog for example then you will have to pay cost of domain name registration which might be cost from $1 to $14 depending on registrar. And you may get free hosting from hosts like but I would suggest go for paid hosting which costs approximately $15 per year for single blog.
You can also get free domain names like but that doesn’t sound professional and I would definitely not recommend it.

Now If we consider cost for mobile app monetization then if you have live app on play store or app store then you can start it right away or else have to pay development cost and app store fees.

So if you are planning to make money online, do not get confused, start it now and if you think that I could help you out to start your business then it’ll be my pleasure. Don’t forget to share your opinion in comment and revisit this blog

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  1. Hi Nick. This is so informative and you know what? Am sharing this post Now. I never hard this kind of thought though…. I will love to connect with you on Facebook.

    Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money online without spending a dime.

    I have tried it and it works. Thanks for sharing budy

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