Boundaryless Careers & BorderLess World:HR Word of the day

*Boundaryless Careers* are the careers which are meant to span across a set of different organizations, sectors, domains & not a single organization. The people following such careers have no specific scope of operation & their jobs range across several parameters.


1. Boundary less careers is more focused on developing one’s skills by working for several organizations.

2. The person is known for the job he does or the expertise he possesses, and not the employee for which he works

3. They prefer higher amount of flexibility, wages, for the high amount of knowledge accumulation that they possess.

4. Boundary less careers are similar to temporary workers, which is on the rise given the number of externalized work & outsourcing.


1. Scope of earning a higher salary, in following a boundary less career.

2. The companies gain from the expertise of the person, as the knowledge accumulation of the person is high.

3. Diverse experience from various companies helps, as in case of analytical arenas.


1. Difficult to find a regular income whenever a person is out of a job.

2. Confidential information may not be directly available to the person, which would make it difficult for the person to analyze the situation.

3. The companies may find it difficult to utilize the skills of boundary less workers, as they are likely to attrite within a short span.

Thus even though the concept is popular in the west, it is now catching up with the east. Boundary less careers are on the rise, as people feel the need for change.

*Borderless world* is a concept of globalization where the goods, services, technology, information, capital flow through the borders from one nation to other. 

In this present day world of globalization, components may be produced in one country, assembled in second country, marketed in third country and financed from fourth country.

Hence running of businesses is changing drastically in a interesting way. Organizations are finding a lot of opportunities to expand and run in other countries. Resources can also be found very easily in a borderless world. Hence, products are made very effectively and efficiently.

There is a lot of exchange of cultures happening in a borderless world. Running a business in such scenario is itself a task. The issues businesses face today are diverse. Managing the employees belonging to different cultures creates many challenges to the human resource management department.

In the borderless world as the HRM is increasingly getting involved with the strategic planning, the company’s vision and mission should be reworked to give a broader perspective so that employees of different cultures can align their goals to the vision and mission. The organizations have to rework on the policies, compensation, and structure time to time to attract and retain talent. Organization’s effectiveness completely depends on its people. Hence attracting, utilizing, and retaining talent and their knowledge is very essential.

The management has to be trained and made aware of the cultures and cultural differences they are dealing with. Hence, the cross cultural communication is becoming increasingly important as organizations expand its business to other countries. Impact of change in cultures during mergers and acquisition has to be handled very carefully.

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