Present & Future Scope Of Digital Marketing As A Career Option

Present & Future Scope Of Digital Marketing As A Career Option

Are you demented to choose digital or online marketing as your career option? Okay let me tell you few things about present & future scope of digital marketing as your primary career option.

Now days digital marketing has become basic requirement to run businesses smoothly. Every business even from very small to large scale like Google, Facebook, Adobe etc. strongly needs digital marketing to run their company successfully. Digital marketing has totally changed definition of marketing. As digital marketing is highly cost effective, measurable, reliable, not a single business can ignore it. And to do DM activities each company needs Digital Marketer. So you don’t need to worry about employment if you know digital marketing and wish to make career in it.

How many jobs are available for Digital Marketing?

According to survey monkey Digital Marketing is most demanded job profile and has highest number of job opening compare to any other job. If we consider city wise than on an average each and every city has 4000+ job opening related to digital marketing. So you could imagine number of jobs available across the world.

How much salary can digital marketer get?

According to payscale salary of digital marketer for an entry level may vary from 200000 Indian rupees per annum to 800000 Indian rupees per annum. And for mid-career level digital marketer average salary per annum is 6000000 to 1200000 Indian rupees. When you become top level digital marketer i.e. at the top of career you can get 1200000 to 2000000 Indian rupees per annum. So you should not worry about earning factor while deciding digital marketing as your career factor.

Which MNCs are hiring Digital Marketer?

Hundreds of MNCs are looking for digital marketing professional according to indeed,, monster etc. Some giant employers for digital marketing are Google, Facebook, Accenture, IBM, VatMedia, HP, Mercedes, Unica etc.

Conclusion: If you are still confused of making career in digital marketing then there should not be any type of confusion in selecting it as a career path as there are millions of job opportunities waiting for you with good pay. There are few domains in DM in which you can do your specialization if you wish to become specialized professional like SEO Professional, SEM professional, Social Media Marketing Expert or Email Marketing Expert. I would recommend you to go with whole digital marketing activities which definitely will reduce your competition and make stable career. If you are not aware of digital marketing, then I would suggest you to get trained in digital marketing training provider like SPARK who also provides placement assistance. Okay then take your decision and start your stable career in digital marketing. Please share your reviews in comment below. Extremely thankful for stopping by, hoping your next visit soon.

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