5 Technical Career Options Don’t Need Programming Knowledge.

Have you completed your technical education like bachelor of engineering, master of engineering, Bachelor/Master of computer science or any technical education and still struggling with programming languages, don’t worry, here I have listed some cream career options which will make you most demanding and successful employee in industry.

Checkout the top career option which don’t require knowledge of programming or coding:

  • Manual Software Testing: Software testing is one of the best options. In this you would have to have knowledge of Microsoft Excel or other reporting tool like Openoffice. You just need to learn some basics or methods of testing. A good software tester can earn more than or equal to software developer.
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO is also best career stream for the people want to make career in IT industry and don’t have interest or knowledge of programming. From few years search engine optimization has been demanded by most of the companies to improve their businesses. A good SEO can earn more than software developer as SEO directly deals with your business revenue and all.
  • Business Development: Yes, business development is also the career options for people who can be creative without having technical stuff. If you give best results in this then you may work at top most layers of employment like companies directors.
  • Pay Per Click Manager: The most demanded and needed work profile is nothing but your PPC management. People who dreams an idol work profile shouldn’t  ignore PPC profile because it takes few days to learn PPC management and after that you’ll just have to plans,create & monitor PPC Campaigns.
  • Email & Social Media Marketing: Have enjoyed your college days by gossiping, creating & passing creative comments, have you ever tried to impress someone by doing some naughty but creative ideas, then yes you can be most successful person from this industry.


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