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5 Things Explains What Is Importance Of Website To Business !

Word Wide Web i.e WWW was the revolution and it brought the drastic change in world. It completely changed the behavior of world and gave different turn to life. I am not going deeper in historical description of all the things and coming straight to the point. Do you own a website? How do you defines website ? What roles website has played in your life? Just few questions before going ahead. Website is nothing but just bunch of some pages which are located at any server or space on internet. Website can be created using multiple platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Simple HTML, Druple, and many other website builders. As there is exponential growth in internet users, every one is becoming kind of lazy and finding there solution by searching on web. So finally let me elaborate you some typical importance of websites .

  1. Unique Identity On Internet: What is your or your business identity in a real world? definitely it is not other than your name. For example Nick is your name. People know you by Nick similarly  Nicksoft will be the identity of your business name and your business also known by that name. Now consider there is another world like real world i.e Internet or online world and where you and your business should have unique identity to survive in that world and here exactly role of your website starts. So for unique identity on internet, every business must have it’s own website.In above example your website could be like mean people will find, reach you by this name.
  2. Build Online Trust And Presence Of Your Business: Have you ever researched about what exactly the online presence and trust is? Okay let me explain, when buyers or potential customers want to buy something whatever it may be any product or any type of service that businesses provides. Do you really think that they directly come to your store or business and buy what they want? Nope they do not. Most of potential customers and buyer goes through series of research and here your website plays it’s important role. Buyer first search for your business and then make decision of purchase and in this phrase they hunts for websites of products or websites they are looking for. Here buyers makes their decisions that if they can trust you or not. In this way if you  would not have website, so more probably you would loose those potential customers too.
  3. Link Social Media Effectively: You might seem this point foolish or less important but trust me this matters and affect to your brand awareness and then on indirect revenue. Your website allows you to connect directly your various social media profiles like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can also use share button on your website so that people can spread your name on different channels. In this way your social media profile visibility and social shares of your websites content increase and since your brand awareness with indirect profit too.
  4. Create Effective Marketing Platform: Most significant importance of having website to business is what every business always struggles to do i.e. it improves your marketing by becoming great marketing platform. Especially if someone’s wanting do online or digital marketing then website is the only thing you must have it. Website can create and improve your brand awareness.
  5. Increases Revenue Exponentially : Finally when it comes to conclusion, website can can increase your overall revenue exponentially. Some one may get direct revenue or indirect depending on their business type. I mean you could get direct customers by collecting potential leads or indirect business by improving your brand awareness.

“Thanks for being patient with me and reading it. I just tried to explain  few things about website. If you thing that you could improve the things then you’ll be welcome. Share your opinion in comment below, see you soon in next article “

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