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What is Facebook Lead Generation Ad,How to Create Retrieve and Check Leads ?

Couple of days before I was randomly surfing Facebook  with my login id. I found many free and sponsored Facebook post.Same time I was also hunting for dentist services and wanted to book it online. Then I saw one sponsored post on Facebook which I found relevant to what I was looking for and I clicked it.It was expected to me that,that ad will be redirecting me to lengthy landing page. But  I got surprised for what Facebook did do with me. After clicking on tht Facebook ad, I got one amazing and quick form asking me to approve auto filled information by Facebook like my Name, City Name, Phone Number etc. I was wondered and thought it might be spam ad made to collect my data, so ignored it and then closed. The same format of ad was appeared to me by other advertisers then it clicked me and started research on how to create that type of ad ?

After making some searches I finally got what exactly that ad is i.e “Facebook Lead Generation Ad“. Lead generation ads are new invention and can be big revolution in online marketing because most of businesses struggles only for lead generation and for that they spends tons of money and efforts. And now only by creating one Facebook Ad you can collect leads. Can you imagine that you won’t be needing landing pages and making AB testing on them to collect leads ?

Here is a simple way to create your first Facebook Lead Generation Ad:

  1. Open Google Chrome (we need to open power editor & mozilla, IE doesn’t support facebook power editor)
  2. Log in with your Facebook id and open your business page
  3. Go to Facebook Business Manager
  4. Open Power editor
  5. Click on create new campaign
  6. Select objective as “Lead Generation” as shown in screenshot: leadgeneration-fb
  7. Now create campaign, ad set and finally ad.
  8. Choose your targeted audience as normal
  9. Come to ad creative where you have to select your ad attributes like image, title, text etc and one more extra attribute is here i.e form
  10. Create your first form by selecting form attributes like First Name, Last Name, Address, City, Job Title, Phone, Email etc & set default policy url. Save your form with unique name, say Form1.
  11. Now select form you recently created and save the ad by applying changes in power editor.
  12. Finally upload changed from power editor to ads manager.

Now you have created your first Facebook Lead Generation Ad.

How to check,review,retrieve & download leads fromface book lead generation ads:

  1. Open your business Facebook page
  2. See at top of page you’ll get option “Publishing Tool” besides of insights,message etc
  3. Click on “Publishing Tool”
  4. Now check left column there you’ll get Lead Ads Form & then Form Library
  5. Click on Form Library
  6. You will see list of forms you created
  7. Click on download & save it, .csv file will be downloading with number of leads you got.

In this way you can create the most efficient ads which directly will give you your customer’s data i.e lead to grow your business effectively.

“I’ve shared  my knowledge and experience what I have.You may share yours by commenting below and thank you so much for keeping patience to read it. Will be coming soon with more interesting topic about online marketing,bye for now.”


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